I have a reoccurring tennis elbow thing that’s been bugging me for just ages. The biggest problem with the pain is that I go to bed with it and it’s still there in the morning! I put the Magneaseium Gel onto it the other night after you gave it to me and my elbow was fine the next morning and for the full day afterwards despite my heavy physical work load. I’m most impressed. Now that said…I was up at my block in Kinglake for three days over the weekend, Sat-Monday, doing the most demanding brush cutting: cutting through the regrowth that has been thriving for almost three years after the fires that caused so much heart ache for so many. I’m not sure if your familiar with the nature of mountain ash and eucalyptus forest regrowth after fire, but it is the most dense in the world! So the regrowth is three meters tall but this stage and a combination of mountain ash and black wood with the sapling stems being about the circumference of a tennis ball and the only way to get through the fibrous wood is but swinging a 30kg brush cutter as hard as you can at the lowest point you can get to slice through it. Sounds fine doesn’t it…hard work but manageable…right? Well…once you’ve been doing this for two or three hours you begin to realize that your hip is getting a little sore…the brush cutter is banging up and down against your hip each time you swing the heavy beast! So, by the time the first day had ended, needless to say, I was in a considerable amount of pain, and when I checked my hip it was covered in bruises, a deep purple-red colour! So…I got the Magneaseium Gel out, rubbed a generous amount on and went to sleep. In the morning, the most painful bruises to look at were not sore at all and without the gel there was no way I could have gotten through three days of clearing and while the bruising is still there after three days there is no tenderness at all. So the gel was very timely indeed & I’m very glad I had it with me.