You can get relief from your daily aches and pains

You can MAGNify your life and ease the pain

There is a SOLUTION for a PAIN FREE life


MAGNeaseIUM delivers pain-relieving magnesium, where you need it and when you need. Faster and more of it – between 159% and 520% more magnesium than any other product on the market.

MAGNeaseIUM is a transdermal magnesium product, meaning you absorb it through the skin. Applied to the affected area, it absorbs directly into the muscles and blood vessels beneath – the fastest way to get magnesium into your system, ease your pain and love your pain-free life.

Are you getting enough magnesium?

Studies show that up to 80% of people don’t have enough magnesium.

Nearly every cellular function requires magnesium – it’s not only essential to having a healthy body, it’s essential to life. For everyone! Not only elite athletes, but tradies, active professionals, older people, growing kids, busy mums and dads, and more.

You’ve heard about the benefits of magnesium for relaxing muscles, relieving joint pain and cramps, calming nerves and helping you sleep sounder. There’s more. Lots more. Magnesium deficiency is linked to a growing list of conditions and diseases, up to 300 and counting! As the scientific evidence builds, so does the medical buzz around the missing mineral and the “miracle of magnesium”.

Made with love, in Australia

Lewanna Smith, an Australian entrepreneur, created MAGNeaseIUM after experiencing first-hand the powerful pain-easing properties of magnesium.

Lewanna wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits and love their pain-free life! Using only natural ocean-sourced magnesium, she formulated a high-quality, ultra-concentrated magnesium gel, enhanced with certified organic aloe vera and essential oils, free of nasty preservatives, with a silky, nourishing feeling on application, yet a rapid uptake into the body.

MAGNeaseIUM Gel was born.

What’s in MAGNeaseIUM?

Magnesium Chloride Oil (pure ocean source: 780 mg/tsp)
Organic Aloe Vera
5 Essential Oils

Carefully formulated to:

absorb faster
target your pain relief
moisturise your skin

Why is MAGNeaseIUM the best magnesium supplement?

ULTRA-CONCENTRATED: MAGNeaseIUM delivers between 159% and 520% more magnesium than other transdermal brands.
QUALITY TESTED: We lab-test every batch of MAGNeaseIUM so you know you’re getting what you paid for.
AFFORDABLE: When you buy direct from us, we pass the savings on to you.

30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Not happy? We’ll refund your full purchase price. No hassles, no questions, no fuss.

AUSTRALIAN: MAGNeaseIUM is Australian owned and made in Australia with love.


IT’S GUARANTEED: Magneaseium comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy for any reason or no reason at all we’ll refund every single cent that you invested no hassles, no questions asked.
IT’S ULTRA CONCENTRATED: Due to the ultra concentrated formula of Magneaseium it delivers between 159% and 520% more magnesium providing faster relief and more value than other transdermal brands.
IT’S AFFORDABLE: As we sell it online via this website we don’t have retail store costs and we are able to pass those savings onto you the consumer making Magneaseium more affordable for you and your family.
IT’S CLINICALLY SUPPORTED: Dr David Pascal a chiropractor and 1983 World Games Gold Medalist is a strong believer in the ability of Magnesium to safely enhance and support athletic performance.


Cramps are gone. No sore muscles at all!

I regularly suffer cramps and have spent much money over the years on magnesium supplements which have helped marginally. Now I have started regularly using Magneaseium Gel. I massage a small amount into my feet every night and I put gel on sore muscles after exercising – and my cramps are gone. Last weekend I rode my bike up Lake Mountain and used Magneaseium gel after the ride. No sore muscles at all!


Ease your pain and start MAGnifying your life today

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