Whether it’s calf, foot or leg cramps, non-prescription MAGNeaseIUM can help. It comes in an easy-to-use fast-absorbing gel that quickly relieves muscle cramps and even prevents them when used daily.

Not Just Another Leg Cramp Remedy

Unlike other muscle cramp remedies, MAGNeaseIUM fast-absorbing transdermal gel helps prevent muscle cramps with daily use. Plus, MAGNeaseIUM has no known side effects and is topical, so it only affects the area where it is applied.

What Causes Muscle Cramps?

Dr. Drew Explains why millions of Americans get muscle cramps in their legs & feet.

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Why we get cramps from life noggin

What causes muscle cramps? Dr Bob

The Importance of Prevention

With daily use, MAGNeaseIUM is clinically proven to prevent foot and leg cramps. That means you can sleep through the night and do the activities you love, without interruption from painful muscle cramps.

Beyond Muscle Cramps