Do you suffer from muscle cramps?

90% of people who use this natural ache and pain reliever experience respite within 24 Hours

National Institute Of Health Study:
Magnesium may be helpful in reducing cramps

A study by the National Institute of Health of 7 published research documents on the effect of Magnesium on muscle cramps in the older generation and pregnant woman has found that magnesium may help in the relief of muscle cramps.

The studies showed improvements in the number of cramps and the intensity of the cramps that the subjects encountered in the studies and are a clear sign that magnesium, a natural product which the body is generally deficient in, can help deal with muscle cramps.

Our bodies are naturally deficient in Magnesium
We need to supplement it!

Magnesium really is a “wonder supplement” as it’s role in the body is vast and varied. It helps us sleep, controls our pain levels and as you know from the NIH study it helps with cramping.

Unfortunately though our body is naturally deficient in magnesium according to a 1997 study by the National Academy of Sciences because our natural diet does not have enough magnesium in it to sustain the levels we need to function on a daily basis.

This means we need to help our body out by adding more magnesium to our body on a daily basis.

Dr. Christine Northop recommends Magnesium for muscle cramps in pregnancy and post pregnancy

Magnesium was used on a good friend and patient of Dr .Christine Northop who went into labor early and it was effective in delaying the labor and dealing with the cramps associated with the pregnancy.

Post the birth of the child this friend and patient of Dr. Christine Northop was suffering from severe cramps, migraines and was extremely run down. She was diagnosed with a severe magnesium deficiency and put on a high dose of magnesium. Just days later these symptoms ceased and she was back to her normal self.

So is Magnesium some kind of wonder drug?

YES and NO – It’s Complicated!

Because of all the processed food that’s in our diet magnesium is depleted from the food and we now eat a diet low in magnesium. This diet low in magnesium leads to magnesium deficiencies and symptoms like cramps. When you combine that low magnesium diet with medications that also fight off magnesium as well you’ll find that a large portion of the population are suffering unnecessarily.

All they need to do is increase the intake of magnesium and they’d be rid of many of the symptoms that have them down on a daily basis.

What Does Magnesium Do?

Magnesium has a number of roles in the body. It is essential for the functioning of more than 300 different enzymes in the body particularly those that produce, transport and store and utilize energy. This includes:

  • Functioning of all nerves and muscles
  • Release and binding of adequate amounts of serotonin in the brain
  • Normal blood pressure, vascular tone, transmission or nerve cell signals and blood flow

And this is to name just a few things that Magnesium plays a role in, as you can see it’s an important player across the entire body.

So what does this mean to you?

If you suffer from any of the following symptoms Magnesium can help you:
  • Unable to fall asleep
  • Unable to stay asleep
  • Insomnia
  • Lack Of Sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Tired Limbs
  • Restless legs

Introducing Magneaseium

What is Magneaseium?

Magneaseium is a transdermal magnesium product that delivers between 159% and 520% more magnesium then any other product on the market. Magneaseium was created by Lewanna Morley Smith an Australian Entrepreneur looking for a way to Contribute to society in a positive way.

After years of studying the effects of magnesium on the body she formalated with a team of experts the Magneaseium brand transdermal product which has been proven to provide relief for people suffering from sleep problems including insomnia.

What is Transdermal and why should I care?

Transdermal is a medical term for absorption through the skin of a product. So essentially what we are saying is that you apply the magnesium on the effected area and it absorbs through the skin into the blood stream. This method for treatment has a number of benefits which include the more rapid entry into the bloodstream, bypassing of the digestive tract where it can be reduced in it’s effect and increased absorption and bioavailability.

Also in the case of magnesium it can also reduce the side effect of diarrhea significantly allowing for higher and more frequent doses.