How To Use - Magneaseium


Make Magneaseium part of your daily routine to help prevent foot & leg cramps.

Prevention + Fast-Acting Relief

Use Magneaseium twice daily (in the morning and before bedtime) to prevent nighttime muscle cramps and spasms, or three times daily if you also experience cramps during the day. As soon as you feel a cramp coming on, use Magneaseium to release muscle tightness and to reduce the soreness afterward.

Magneaseium Application Guide

If you’re about to use Magneaseium for the first time, please read this entire application guide before starting your Magneaseium routine.

How to Use Transdermal (application to skin) Magneaseium:

It is best to apply Magneaseium to clean skin. Apply before anything else. Note that Magneaseium Gel has Certified Organic Aloe Vera, it has no nasty preservatives and it’s natural and pure Magnesium Chloride (not Synthetic Magnesium) – it’s straight from Mother Nature. (It also has many other trace elements to help your body function better!)

Magneaseium is best applied to non-sensitive areas. Many customers have mentioned that sometimes their skin can tingle once product is applied. We imagine this happens because your body is jumping for joy at receiving Magnesium, this should pass in a few minutes. If an irritation occurs just rinse with cool water.

How to Use Magneaseium

  1. For best results, apply liberally to legs, arms and torso. This ensures enough surface area is covered for absorption. If for specific ailments, e.g.: shoulder pain or knee pain – apply directly to ‘the sore area’.
  2. Apply 4 pumps of Magneaseium Gel. This will deliver approximately 156mg of elemental Magnesium Chloride onto the skin. We recommend between 4 – 8 pumps per day.
  3. Allow to air dry.

Where to Apply Magneaseium


Apply from your ankle to your toes.


Apply from the back of your knee to your ankle.


Apply from your hip down to your knee.


Apply from your lower buttocks to the back of your knee.

DISCLAIMER: This product is intended for adults and children ages 2 years and older. If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use.

Magneaseium Bath Flakes Guide

Magneaseium Bath Flakes are ultra potent. They can be used in a body bath or foot or hand bath.
We recommend that the water temperature be ideally 37 degrees Celsius (98 degrees Fahrenheit) and soak for 20-30 minutes. Dissolve only ¼ cup (60 grams) into the bath. (Remember: they are really potent) Add more if you want it more intense. ¼ of a cup is suitable for a Foot Soak too.

We calculate the magnesium content of the Bath Flakes to be approximately 46mg of Magnesium per one cup, by weight of +/- 200grams. We have also energically activated the Bath Flakes, so they are working to heal and help bring you into equilibrium.

Magneaseium Bath Flakes

Frequency of Application

Ideally Magneaseium Gel should be used every day. Everyday your body uses magnesium for many functions and as a society we don’t consume enough in our diets. We have formulated our gel with the best ingredients money can buy and it’s made with love. Once applied, it doesn’t need to be washed off.
Once you have been using Magneaseium every day for three (3) months you will notice an improvement in one or many things. After this time your intercellular level should be restored. You can continue to apply the same amount every day or use it 3-4 times a week.
Keep in mind; these recommendations are to be used as a guide only. Everyone makes different lifestyle choices and their mineral requirements may differ.