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Wholesale Price List

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The above prices are subject to the following:

  • Minimum order quantity of 4 units each of 30ml Gel
  • Minimum order quantity of 4 units each of Single Bath Flakes
  • Minimum order quantity of 4 units each of 100ml Gel
  • Minimum order quantity of 2 units each of Bulk Bath Flakes
  • Each order will include minimum Pick, Pack & Postage (PPP) of $16.00 (TBC)
  • Payment terms – Payment received before posting
  • Each order will contain collateral for P.O.S. if requested

Practitioner Partners Terms and Conditions:

  • Must want to sell high quality products to their clients
  • Must want to enter into a commercial relationship of high integrity
  • Must be prepared to educate clients in the importance of Magnesium for overall health and wellbeing
  • Must be willing to explain, educate and encourage the benefits of transdermally applied Magneaseium to clients and network.
  • Must want to learn, teach and be present with like-minded people
  • Pay for all wholesale orders at time of ordering
  • Must be willing to honestly communicate with us
  • Must help share Magneaseium’s mission to have no Magnesium deficiency within Mankind