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3 Healthy Christmas gift ideas

Happy December everyone! Tis finally the season to whip out your cossie, hit the beach, and soak up the sunshine. Christmas is in the air and it’s completely acceptable to shamelessly listen to all your favorite holiday tunes on repeat! Despite the sweltering weather (depending on whereabouts in the world you are) you can’t help but feel that good old fashion holiday cheer, as houses become decorative, local coffee shops begin selling their holiday specials, and you can finally count down the days to all the festivities with your friends and family.

One thing that is definitely on my mind as we enter December, is finding great healthy gifts for all my loved ones. ‘Healthy’ is my gift theme this year, because good health is the greatest gift a person can have. And what better way is there of showing a loved one you care than by giving them a gift that will benefit their health? You no longer have to stress about what gifts you are going to give this year – here are three healthy Magneaseium bundle ideas for Christmas gifts:

Bundle # 1: 30ml Magneaseium Gel & Single Bath Magneaseium Flakes

This is the perfect bundle for the stressed out friend or family member who is need of some serious R&R. For those of you who don’t know, magnesium is a super mineral that has a tonne of benefits, which include stress reduction, bone and muscle therapy, and energy production. Your loved ones can enjoy a nice therapeutic massage and bath with the Magneaseium Gel and Single Bath Flakes, whenever stress comes knocking on their door. This is gift is not only the perfect stocking stuffer; it’s also a great introduction to the wonders of Magneaseium!

Get the Magneasium Bundle here!


Bundle # 2: Magneaseium Bath Flakes, Lavender Bath Oil, & Coconut Body Butter

This is the perfect pampering gift for the leading lady in your life. To set the mood: light some candles, prepare the bath water, and have a glass of wine ready with her favorite book or magazine. The soothing Magneaseium Flakes combined with the lavender oil will leave her feeling peaceful and at ease. After the bath, have her moisturize with some coconut body butter – this will leave her skin fresh and smooth. What more could a lady want than a spa treatment right at home?

Get the Magneaseium Bath Flakes here!


Bundle # 3: Magneaseium Gel, Active Wear, & Sports Water Bottle

We all have at least one fitness fanatic in our lives. This is a gift that the fitness fanatic in yours will surely appreciate! The Magneaseium Gel is great for soothing and healing sore muscles after a long run or an intense gym session. When using the gel, your fitness fanatic will find that they have less pain and more energy while training. As a little something extra why not get them some fun active wear as well so that they can work out in style. Also make sure to include a water bottle as it is super important to always stay hydrated while training!

Get the Magneaseium Gel here!


To ensure that your loved ones receive these awesome Magneaseium gifts by Christmas, make sure to order them before the 16th of December! Have fun and stay healthy this holiday season!

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